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Is BitTorrent crypto price manipulated? Influencer insights!

CryptoNewsZ 21 Sep 2023
Unlike traditional approaches, BTT utilizes decentralized blockchain technology to effectuate the sharing of files among users ... Is BitTorrent coin dead? Specialists’ scrutinizing analysis portends a bright future for BTT, as it manifests the most modern advancements in decentralized blockchain technology.

Skipper's Booking Engine is available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Victoria Advocate 21 Sep 2023
Customers get access to leading compute, storage, data management, security, integration, HPC, artificial intelligence (AI), and Blockchain services to augment and modernize their critical workloads ... OHIP paired with Skipper is an easy transition from legacy systems to modern capabilities for shopping direct from the Property Management System ... ....

Modernizing Debt Capital Markets: The Blockchain Revolution

Bitcoin World 20 Sep 2023
However, their journey from the earliest bonds of the 1600s to today highlights their enduring relevance despite the need for a modern makeover ... Blockchain technology emerges as the game-changer we need ... Blockchain modernizes these markets, granting companies of all sizes access to capital for scaling and growth.

Provenance Blockchain collaborates with Axelar

CryptoNewsZ 20 Sep 2023
Provenance Blockchain has announced its partnership with Axelar to improve blockchain connectivity within the financial ecosystem ... According to Anthony Moro, CEO of the Provenance Blockchain Foundation, interoperability has contributed to the growth of the modern blockchain-based financial movement ... Blockchain News.

Provenance Blockchain and Axelar Integrate for Global Access to Real-World Assets

Hastings Tribune 19 Sep 2023
“The overall experience on modern blockchain-enabled financial rails is significantly improved with interoperability,” said Provenance Blockchain Foundation CEO Anthony Moro ... Provenance Blockchain is modernizing financial services with an open source, decentralized blockchain that is purpose-built and properly permissioned.

VITREUS: A Newcomer is Taking AI and Blockchain Innovation to the Next Level

Victoria Advocate 19 Sep 2023
Meet VITREUS, a nexus of innovation designed to make the power of blockchain and AI accessible to all industries ... Rife with an innately reduced attack surface, VITREUS will be a boon to corporations looking to modernize their digital infrastructure and take full advantage of the blockchain technology they've awaited.

Nolan Bushnell’s Vision for the Future of Web3 Gaming

Cryptopolitan 18 Sep 2023
Now, as the Chief Knowledge Officer at Moxy, a blockchain-based esports company, Bushnell highlights three critical areas where blockchain technology can revolutionize modern gaming ... The first and foremost advantage, according to Bushnell, is blockchain’s ability to enable seamless and secure fund transfers.

Haliç Welcomes the Future: Blockchain Expo Istanbul

Bitcoin World 17 Sep 2023
With its spacious layout and modern facilities, the center will serve as the perfect canvas for Blockchain Expo Istanbul to make its mark ... The Blockchain Expo event will welcome guests in a magnificent atmosphere, thanks to the Haliç Congress Center’s extensive layout and modern facilities ... Join Us at Blockchain Expo Istanbul.

Blockchain Technology in the Energy Market to grow by USD 919.5 million between 2021 - ...

Victoria Advocate 15 Sep 2023
The potential growth difference for blockchain technology in the energy market between 2021�and 2026 is USD 919.5 million. The use of blockchain technology to prevent failure in power grids�drives blockchain technology in the energy market.�Blockchain technology is used�to distribute�power sources�because it�can modernize the power grid.

‘Real’ gamers despise cryptocurrency because of play-to-earn games, claims the founder of Atari

Bitcoin World 15 Sep 2023
However, Nolan Bushnell insists that the saga of Web3 gaming and blockchain-based universes is far from its conclusion ... It stems from these play-to-earn games, the trailblazers of blockchain gaming.” ... He highlights three pillars where blockchain technology can usher modern gaming into a new era.

Visa Says This Ethereum Rival Has ‘Unique Technological Advantages’ Over Other Chains

The Daily Hodl 13 Sep 2023
... blockchains as a payments platform ... Visa goes on to say that because of Solana’s efficiency, they have decided to expand their stablecoin settlement program to include Solana as a means of testing the blockchain’s capacity to meet the financial demands of modern corporations.

Why Solana? Visa Reveals Its Reasons For The Partnership

Bitcoinist 12 Sep 2023
In a deep dive into the Solana blockchain network, Visa elucidated its reasons for selecting Solana as a part of its stablecoin settlement pilot today ... The global payments behemoth’s decision comes on the heels of its ongoing efforts to modernize cross-border money transfers by harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

New Project Uses Blockchain to Find Stolen Artifacts

LB News 12 Sep 2023
That’s where blockchain can come in handy, according to some analysts. Blockchain Can Help Track Stolen Items ... The blockchain contains a degree of verifiability that one can’t often find in today’s modern financial systems, many of which are subject to illicit behavior.

Franklin Templeton Aims High with Spot Bitcoin ETF Application

Coinspeaker 12 Sep 2023
FOBXX is the first mutual fund in the United States to leverage the security and transparency of blockchain to modernize the way financial assets and ownership are recorded within an investment fund. Unlike traditional funds, FOBXX uses a public blockchain for a decentralized and transparent record of transactions and ownership of fund shares.

Islamic coin co-founder discusses the legitimacy of the project

Cryptopolitan 10 Sep 2023
He asserts that Islam’s robust ethical framework is adaptable to modern technological advancements, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies ... Islam’s ethical framework has proven adaptable to modern technological advancements, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies ... However, the Islamic financial system has lagged in adopting modern technology.

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